Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Wedding - Last Wedding I'll EVER do

This wedding was a disaster. I did this for my friend's brother. They were on a budget so they wanted something as cheap as possible. This was a month after doing the cake for my best friend so I was all but caked out at this point. To save on cost, the top 3 tiers on the cake are styrofoam and the bottom tier is real so that they could cut into it. I made real cakes for the back kitchen to cut into and serve to the guests. The various flavors of cakes were: white with vanilla buttercream filling, white with raspberry filling, yellow with chocolate buttercream filling, chocolate with with chocolate with chocolate filling. I also made a groom's cake that looked exactly like the beer cake on this site. Sadly, it fell apart in transit and I had to stop at a grocery store and buy a replacement cake. I was so upset, but there was nothing else I could do. It was raining all day and it was so humid that it just fell apart. All that work for nothing. Oh well!! This is the reason why I will never do a wedding ever again. I can't handle that pressure.

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