Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stitch Graduation Cake

1/4 Sheet Cake: $65

This is my first regular shaped cake.  It was half french vanilla, half chocolate with a lemon filling, a chocolate ganache topping, and fondant over that.

My favorite part about this cake is the tassel.  I got a clay extruder gun that does so many awesome things and I can't wait to do more projects with it.

This was also my first time doing ganache.  They claim that it helps the fondant to stay smooth, but I didn't see that, though that may have been due to the different cakes. I think I need to bake the cakes and freeze on one day, ganache the next, and then do fondant the day after that.  I've got another cake to do this weekend, so we'll see if that method works.

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